Story of Suns of Venice

The Suns of Venice original founding members Andrea , Alex and Michael came together during the pandemic in the most random of ways.

Since all gigs were shut down during covid there was a lot of free time filled with long walks and jamming to YouTube. One morning, in early 2020 Andrea went for a walk around the block. He then stumbled past a house blasting 90’s rock music – he could tell the bass line was 3x louder then the rest of the sound and realized this bass player was not just amazing but also jamming to a soundtrack similar to what he was doing himself on a regular. This event became habitual in another house just down the block, but instead of a bass line, it was a full 20 minute Guitar solo from hell. In short time with some neighborhood investigation, Andrea connected with both musicians and started a weekly jam. The Jam sessions became a super fun ritual and more often highlighted the groups similar taste in music ranging from the 60’s to music literally released today.

By the beginning of 2022 the lock down was slowly coming to an end and work started to come in for these musicians. Andrea had been booked for an event at the Erwin hotel in Venice beach for a cover band. The band that was originally booked could no longer make the event so he found himself with a gig and no band. He called on his neighbors to see if they could fill in. they realized they already had a whole catalogue of songs rehearsed and ready to go. The event was a success and generated 4 more bookings that night. Before they knew it The Suns of Venice were a full fledged cover band booked months in advance.